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Is Your Professional License Under Attack?

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

June3Earning a professional license requires extensive education and training. The time you have invested in building a reputation within your field can easily ruined if you get a criminal conviction or a question of professional conduct.

Doctors, lawyers, insurance agents, securities brokers, accountants, chiropractors and dentists can all be accused of a professional violation, which can cause them to lose their career and reputation. If your professional license is under attack, you may be in danger of facing criminal charges and eventual revocation on your license.

Your professional license could be at stake if consumers report a complaint to the appropriate licensing board. For example, a dental patient who believes she was not properly treated for gum disease may complain to the State Dental Licensing Board. This may lead to an investigation by the licensing board and a possible suspension of your license.

When defending your right to keeping your professional license, it is necessary to have a professional license defense lawyer who can effectively challenge the charges against you. A lawyer can conduct an immediate investigation into your case and build a solid defense.

If you are facing disciplinary action, probation or revocation of your professional license and need a professional license defense lawyer to represent you, contact Attorney Search Network today.  We can help you find a qualified professional licensing defense lawyer that can aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Can President Obama’s New Plan Help Save Your Home?

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

June2In an effort to battle the foreclosure crisis and reduce the number of homes facing foreclosure, President Obama’s administration announced the 2009 Obama Mortgage Loan Modification Plan.

The Obama mortgage refinance plan was unveiled to help 9 million homeowners on the verge of foreclosure. The plan includes $75 billion to cut the mortgage payments of qualified homeowners.

Under the Obama mortgage refinance plan, struggling borrowers can stay in their homes as long as they can meet their monthly payment, even if their home value declines. The government would also help bring mortgage payments down to no more than 31 percent of the borrower’s monthly income.

This includes reducing interest rates to as low as 2% and/or extending the life of the loan to 40 years.

For more information about the Obama Mortgage Loan Modification Plan, to see if you qualify for loan modification under the Obama Mortgage Loan Modification plan, or to speak with a qualified loan modification attorney about how you can avoid foreclosure, contact Attorney Search Network today.

Have You Been Injured in a Toyota Car Accident?

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

July1On January 21, 2010, Toyota announced a recall of Toyota and Lexus vehicles that were built with defective gas pedals which could potentially lead to serious car accidents and injuries. This recall, which includes more than 3 million vehicles, stems from the issue of the accelerator pedal getting stuck, causing drivers to lose control of the vehicle and not being able to stop. This sudden acceleration can cause serious injuries, property damage and even death.

Toyota is currently investigating accelerator pedals while dealerships have stopped the sale of the following models – the Toyota RAV4, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix, Toyota Avalon, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Tundra, Toyota Sequoia, Toyota Camry, Lexus IS 250, Lexus IS 350, and Lexus ES 350.

Have you had a recent problem with your Toyota? Were you involved in an accident as a result of your accelerator pedal getting stuck?

If you own a Toyota and have been in an accident caused by an accelerator defect, you may need expert representation. Toyota might not give you the compensation you need for recovery. An accident lawyer understands the law and can help prove liability by showing evidence and speaking to witnesses.

If you were injured in a Toyota acceleration accident, you can defend your rights. Contact Attorney Search Network today to speak to an accident lawyer that can assist you with recovering monetary damages.